Spectramap is a menu-driven, data analysis and interpretation aid
with emphasis on 2D & 3D graphical biplot presentation of large data tables
for Business Intelligence and Visual Analytics purposes.

The objective is to aid managers, marketers, controllers, accountants and
researchers with the analysis, understanding and
presentation of the information present in large data tables.

Spectramap provides both managers and researchers with the means to use
Spectral Map Analysis with animated 2D and 3D Biplot diagrams.
These Biplots are used to aid with the interpretation of the data in a way
that cannot be achieved with the more conventional line, bar or pie charts.

Spectramap enables the visual display of the relationships between the rows and
columns of a table, without the excessive simplification inherent in other
graphical methods. Spectramap's particular strength lies in the way it can
reveal contrast, ratios or differences between rows or columns, together with other
important information that would otherwise remain hidden.

Example of Pharmaceutical Marketing Data

Spectramap Brochure Marketing Intelligence Financial Intelligence

Due to the graphics, viewing a PDF file on line with your browser might take considerable time.
We recommend that you save the PDF file to your system's hard disk, or print it.

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