Foliomap is a menu-driven, data analysis and interpretation tool,
with special emphasis on the 2D graphical presentation
by folio plot of data for Business Intelligence.

The objective is to support managers, marketers, controllers, accountants
and researchers with the analysis, understanding and presentation
of the information contained in large tables.

The best known example of a folio plot is the BCG matrix, a chart originally
created by Bruce Henderson for the Boston Consulting Group in 1970
to help analyze the strategic position of business units or product lines.
This can be used to allocate resources or as an analytical tool in
brand marketing, product management, strategic management and portfolio analysis.

The particular strength of Foliomap lies in the way it can reveal
the rank order of measurements by variable, or the differences or
ratios between rows or columns on the x and y axes of the folio plot.

Foliomap is available in three versions: student, business and professional.
You can download the software and try it before you buy it.

Foliomap Brochure

Due to the graphics, viewing a PDF file on line with your browser might take considerable time.
We recommend that you save the PDF file to your system's hard disk, or print it.

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